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Tommy Stark

St Simons Island

Georgia USA





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09' NIRK National Youth Sieger

10' NIRK Midwest Youth Sieger

10' NIRK Illinois State Championship Sieger

NIRK Youth Champion

 UCI Int' Youth Champion

Konigliche Bhaji von der Stark


OFA Hips "Good" Elbows Grade 1

Cardiac - Normal (Cardiologist)

Eyes - Normal (Ophthalmologist)

Bhaji is now standing at stud!!

Date of Birth; 02 July 2008



Can CH,.BPiS06 Nerf, YS 07 RCC Wenno Von Herrschaft BH IPOI

Color: black mahogany

Toronto/Benelux Sieger 04/04/Hun KJS'03 Bos/Ser CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO I, MAG Test NL, HD +/- ED+/- ADRK Ks 2001 SG1, CH.M.HR Noris von der Alten Festung  INT CH, SLO CH, HR.CH, Graf von der Alten Festung IPO III, HD-
Youth Winner Tika (von der Alten Festung) 
CH-B.Yug Ria-Flach Rosse HD-O IPO-I 10X V-1 Yug CH. 10 x CAC, CACIB Beni (Yugo) IPO I, HD-
 Fani OD "Sremcica" Miladi Pobednik 
Int CH Akira von der "Elez Rott" IPO 1 HD- ED- Yugoslavia / Bulgaria CH Atos Von Kalacberg IPO 1  Rick vom Weissen Schwan SchHI, IPOI, HD+/-, ED1
 Etienne von der Elbmundung SchH I,BH
JCH-JU, JSIEG-CRO, BALK.SIEG Meri Earl Antonius 9PRM, 4CAC, JBIS-II, 3JBI-I, V2 WJS, CHInt, YugCH, HunCH,BulCH Falko vom Sittard HD- ED+
 Gresi Crni Lotos 

 Bijou Top-Rot CAC, CACIB, BOB

INT/Dt VDH CH, ES, Aus KS/BS Mambo von der Crossener Ranch SchH3 FH2 AD BH IPO3 HD+/- ED- Int/Schwz/Osterr/Lux/DT VDH CH Rick von Burgthann BH, ZtP, AD, IPO III, SchH III, Gek. b., HD-, ED- INT.CH, O-KS' 95, IFR Sieger Doc von der Teufelsbrucke SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, Gek, HD-
 Hope von Burgthann BH, ZTP, SchH 1, HD-
V1 Evi von der Crossener Ranch SchH/VPG I AD BH ZTP(05.97), HD +/-  Astor V Pfaffenberg BH ZtP SchH I
 Bia von der Crossener Ranch BH ZtP SchH I
CHSCG Biggy Top-Rot IPO-1 ES' 01 Morro vom Hause Marker SchHI, AD, BH, Ztp, HD-, ED-  Dux vom Duracher Tobel SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, IPOIII, ABST, HD+/-
 Aska vom Altkonig SchH I BH ZtP(11.94) HD-
 Etienne von der Elbmundung SchH I,BH Ö-BJSgr '95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke SCHIII AD BH IPOIII ZtP Gek bis EzA HD+/-
DT.VDH-CH, EJS'96 Bijou von der Elbmundung SchHI, AD, BH, Ztp, HD+/-








November 8, 2008

AIRK National Sieger Show

Charleston, SC


4-6 month

Bill Alexander (USA)

November 22, 2008

CWRC Fall Sieger Show

South Carolina


4-6 month

Dirk Vandecasteele, FCI-Belgium

December 13-14 2008


2008 Georgia Christmas Sieger

Atlanta, GA

VP-1, UCI Int. Ch. Puppy 4-6 month
David Swartwood (Can)
Thomas Nesbitt (Can)
Jane Roppolo (USA)
Lenora Riddle (USA)
March 14, 2009 East Carolina Rottweiler Klub 2009 Winter Sieger Show

Jacksonville, NC



6-9 Month


Catherine Thompson (USA)
April 18, 2009 Southeastern PA Rottweiler Klub 2009 USRC Northeast Regional Sieger Show


VP3 9-12 Month Dieter Hoffman, ADRK (Germany)
May 23, 2009 IFR Worldshow 2009 -

 Diest, Belgium

SG5 9-18 Month Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugual)
May 24, 2009 Holland Klub Sieger 2009 -

Rotterdam, Holland

V4 9-18 Month Uwe Petermann, ADRK (Germany)
October 24, 2009 AIRK National Sieger show 2009-

Charlotte, NC

SG2 12-18 Month Terje Lindstrom (Norway)
November 7, 2009 NIRK Grand National Sieger Show

Southern California

SG1, Youth Sieger 12-18 Month Steve Wolfson (USA)
February 14, 2010 AIRK/SARK Sieger Show
Charleston, SC
V2 18-24 Month Konigliche Bhaji von der Stark, von der Stark Rottweilers Dusko Pejovic (Serbia)

March 20, 2010

ECRK Sieger Show

Jacksonville, NC


18-24 Month

Olga Grin


June 26, 2010 NIRK Midwest Sieger Show 2010 V1, Youth Sieger 18-24 Month James Marrone (USA)
June 27, 2010 NIRK Illinois State Championship 2010 V1, Youth Sieger 18-24 Month Joeri Goedertier (USA)
August 29, 2010 Atlanta, GA AKC Rally Novice (RN)      
September 10, 2010 ARV National Sieger Show

Crittenden, KY

V2 Open Male (19 entered)   Lydia Mihajlovic (Serbia)
October 24, 2010 AIRK/MARK Fall Sieger Show V2 Working Male Yulia Ovsyannikova
February 13, 2011 AIRK/SARK Winter Sieger Show V2 Working Male   Joe Hedl (USA)
September 11, 2011 RKNA/SWRK V1 Open Male   Uwe Petermann (ADRK - Germany)
October 22, 2011 AIRK/MARK Fall Sieger Show V1 Working Male   Carsten Henriksen (FCI)


     11/08/08 - 4 Month old male, medium height with very strong bone, very nice top skull, good stop and strong muzzle, ears are long but well set and carried, short strong neck, very good chest development, straight front legs, pasterns should be firmer and feet should be tighter, good topline with slight tuck on bottom line, back slightly stretched, strong rear, color and markings are good but markings could be darker, very good side movement, good coming and going. - Bill Alexander

    11/22/08 - 4 months, Young puppy. Changing scissor bite. Attentive, lively. Good in type. Very good male puppy head. Large set ear, good forehead and stop. Broad muzzle. Brown eye. Heavy open lips. Throaty. Slightly stretched neckline and topline. Top needs to firm up. Medium long sloping croup. Chest proportions will develop further. Very well developed forechest. Muscular forearm. May firm up. Slightly turns out in rear. Correctly carried tail. Short to medium stockhair. Brown markings somewhat light on chest. Still loose puppy movement. - Dirk Vandecasteele

    12/13/08 - Sturdy young male, good type. Solid Bone & Feet, Coat Sleek and healthy, head is solid and masculine, complete scissors bite, eyes dark and well set, ears set well, chest has good depth and fill, well set front angulation, bit straight in stiffle in rear, level topline and strong, full and well set tail, good reach and movement. - David Swartwood.

   05/23/09 - 10 month old, correct scissors bite, very good bone, good substance. Very good head, medium brown eye, good stop, strong muzzle, Perfect ears but could be smaller, Correct front, Mouth pigment a bit undark, Enough angulation in front and rear, little sloping in croup, Strong movement. - Fernando Lucas Martins

   11/07/10 - 16 month old male, very good size, complete dentition scissor bite, sociable, alert, good focus, powerful head, good skull to muzzle ratio, good zygomatic arch, good ears well set and carried, dark eyes, almond shaped tight fitting eyelids, good gum pigamentation, powerful masculine neck, good shoulder angulation, powerful bone, stands correct in front, feet could be tighter and a little better knuckled, elbows could be better placed to the chest, good top and bottom line, a bit stretched in body, good croup, good rear angulation, markings could be a bit richer in color, good coat, well muscled, going away moves a bit soft - Steve Wolfson

   02/13/10 - 18 months old tall strong male strong bone, typical head, brown eye, strong muzzle, dark pigmentation medium size ears well carried, strong wide chest, short strong neck, good topline and underline, good coat, natural tail, strong back legs, good angulations, wide set back legs, good reach and drive, back should be stronger in movement, scissors bite, testicles ok -  Dusko Pejovic









Konigliche Bhaji von der Stark